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An Insight into Morris Meats

Ronan knows the meat business inside out, coming from a thriving local farm based in Hollywell from where he supplies most of the beef and lamb for Morris Meat. Ronan buys a lot of store cattle and lambs from local farmers and marts. He then rears them and fattens them on the farm. Ronan is passionate about full traceability. "Having our own farm allows us to trace and manage the life cycle of our cattle and lambs and to control the food chain which is evident in the fact that we make our own silage and work with NCF (North Connaught Farmers) to source a barley and maize nut for finishing cattle. All our beef, mainly Angus and Angus cross are grass to grain feed. Our production strategy shows that we value raising our stock in natural conditions ensuring that they are stress free and top quality".

Benedict is highly skilled in the abattoir and also makes every effort to contribute to a happier and more contented stress free herd. It is widely accepted within the rural abattoir community and futher afield that animals need to be calm and relaxed, especially in the days leading to slaughter. Morris Meats chooses traditional hip-hanging which spreads the weigh throughout the carcass and gives it a very distinct tenderness.

We are members of the Master Meat Circle:
  • Successive generations of family owned businesses
  • Highly skilled in traditional butchering methods and best practices
  • Sourcing from family owned farms and rearing of own livestock menas we have full quality control
  • Where possible local sourcing of meats supplied direct from farmers within a 50 mile raduis
  • Wide range of award winning products based on traditional family receipes passed down through the generations.